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Vendor Partner RSF

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RSF is a vendor partner of United Brick that sells a full line of beautiful wood burning fireplaces. RSF means Renewable Solid Fuel which is based on nature’s carbon cycle and brings in the green appliance making a renewable resource.

Focus_ST___RSF_FireplacesRSF fireplaces offer convenience. A long burn time with a single load of wood, produce virtually no creosote and very few ashes; this means less cleaning and a good air-wash system for clean glass.

RSF’s bi-metal damper automatically senses the temperature of the heat exchanger and will adjust it automatically, reducing the air setting at the start of the burn and opening towards the end. This helps deliver an even heating temperature throughout the burn cycle.

RSF offers several accessories including a fire screen for an open fire. Plus, RSF offers a rock retainer kit to allow non-combustible materials to cover the face of the unit to create your own design.

One of the things that set RSF apart is that RSF has several ways to distribute heat. One heat distribution option is central heating; a duct can be run from the fireplace to the central furnace ductwork which allows the heat to be distributed throughout the house. Zone heating is another distribution option and works by ducting off the fireplace and running its own duct to different rooms. A thermostat controls a zone damper which opens and closes as it calls for heat. Gravity vents allow you naturally vent heat to a room above or side. A heat dump kit is a small fan kit designed to dump heat to a single location.

Delta_FusionRSF’s newest fireplace the Delta Fusion is the winner of Hearth and Home 2016 Vesta Award, the Fusions huge firebox (4.4cu ft.) has an emission rate lower than most stoves half its size (EPA certified at 1.3 g/hr.).