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Fireplace Video Library

Care and Maintenance for Napoleon Fireplaces

This is just a sample of videos from Napoleon Fireplaces.

How to Light a Standing Pilot Light – Napoleon

Remote Control Instructions – Napoleon

How to Clean Your Fireplace Blower – Napoleon

Electronic Ignition Pilot Light Troubleshooting

Fireplace Glass Cleaning – Napoleon

Napoleon Annual Maintenance Tutorial

Napoleon eFIRE – Features

Napoleon eFIRE App – Settings

Napoleon eFIRE – How to Log On

Care and Maintenance for Regency Fireplaces

To find the serial number for your Regency Fireplace, click HERE.

This is just a sample of videos from Regency Fireplaces. For the complete video library from Regency, click HERE.

How to Clean Fireplace Glass – Regency

Continuous Igniter – Regency

How to Operate a Firegenie Remote – Regency

Starting a Fire in a Catalytic Insert

Lighting the Pilot for Direct Spark – Regency

Changing Battery in Proflame Remote – Regency

Changing Batteries in Wall Mounted Remote – Regency

Lighting the Pilot for Piezo Igniter – Regency

Operating a Proflame Remote – Regency

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wood Stove – Regency

Care and Maintenance for Mendota Fireplaces

To see all videos from Mendota, click HERE.

Fireplace Remote Features – Mendota

Remote Maintenance – Mendota