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Vendor Partner Interview with Brett King from Natural Stone Veneer International

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Natural_Stone_Veneers_International_Inc_4_Brett King joined the sales team for Natural Stone Veneers International in January 2006.  Today, Brett is the Midwest Regional Sale Representative and Eastern Canadian Providences.  He has over 21 years of experience in the construction industry with an emphasis in masonry and excavating.  Brett is a NSVI certified presenter for AIA/CES programs, educating the Architect-Engineer-Contractor (AEC) community. Brett also certifies authorized architectural representatives from the NSVI dealer network. Additionally, Brett is a member of the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance (WMA) and sits on the Promotional Committee. Brett has also filmed episodes on natural stone veneer installation for the national aired “The Old House” television program.

The benefit of Natural Stone Veneers International are the focus on color, texture and unparalleled service to the stone market.  We offer natural stone you can confidently specify on any project – commercial or residential, interiors or exteriors.  The uniqueNatural_Stone_Veneers_International_Inc_3 properties of our products allow them to be the perfect design solution without the weight of full stone veneers– no footings necessary!  Also, the consistency and quality of each product is produced on our proprietary and patented equipment.


Quality and consistency of material are the keys to any building material.  Our national distribution gives us unequaled availability across the country. Our innovation is demonstrated through our invention of the “King Cutter”; a revolutionary product for trimming all types of masonry veneers.

  • Virtually zero dust so it can be used for inside and outside workstations
  • Lightweight design makes it perfect for uses in elevated work areas
  • 100% solid steel construction
  • Needs no source of power to operate
  • Much faster than angle grinder or chop saw
  • Always leaves a natural edge on trimmed area
  • Integrated handle makes it easy to carry


Natural stone is the oldest and most durable material known to mankind.  Natural Stone Veneers International Inc.’s processing is limited to resizing the material to user-friendly dimensions that are more efficient and economical to transport and install. NSVI’s material is cut THIN allowing twice the coverage of traditional stone and greatly reducing environmental impact.  Natural stone is 100% usable, can be recycled and emits no volatile organic compounds.

The natural stone products provided by NSVI are ecologically friendly for several reasons:

Responsible land use

Economies of scale

Natural_Stone_Veneers_International_Inc_2Resource Conservation – In December 2008 NSVI received the Orion Environmental Stewardship award, a distinction given as a result of implementing an advanced energy-reducing lighting system throughout the NSVI campus.  Orion recognizes NSVI’s “… interest in and dedication to improving the environment is sincere, material and measurable” One specific example is the effective reduction of 37 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Research – NSVI is beginning to do the research and development to make the sludge byproduct into a usable commodity in the future.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – 3R Packaging

NSVI designed “green-friendly” recyclable and reusable packaging.  Today this packaging has become the standard in the stone industry.  It was created to be highly durable in all climates, specifically designed to ensure the maximum integrity of the stone inside, thereby minimizing waste transportation to the job site.

One trend we see on the horizon for 2017 is blending products lines – which is a new and creative way to bring individuality to a project.

As a vendor partner of United Brick and Fireplace, they are great to work with because they have been in masonry business for many years.  The commitment to their customers is top shelf and is reflected in great showrooms and staffed with knowledgeable sales people.