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Is Your Fireplace in Disrepair? Here’s What To Do

Is Your Fireplace in Disrepair? Here’s What to Do When the humidity and heat of summer and fall finally give way to snow, many homeowners in our area begin to look forward to using their [...]

The Hottest Trends in Outdoor Fireplaces

As more homeowners seek to bring the indoors to the outdoors, fireplaces and fire pits are becoming an even hotter commodity — literally and figuratively. Outdoor features such as fireplaces and [...]

Reasons To Get Your Fireplace Serviced This Spring

Getting your fireplace serviced should be done annually but do you know when the best time of year is to get your fireplace service completed? Believe it or not, the best time for fireplace [...]

How the Cold Can Affect Your Chimney This Winter

Many homeowners want a fireplace in their homes and one of the main reasons to have one especially during the winter is to help heat your home throughout the season. Fireplaces are designed to [...]

Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates?

Air source heat pumps are the most commonly known type of heat pump. They are inexpensive to install and provide both heating and cooling in one system. But there is one major drawback of an air [...]

10 Ideas for Your Family to Gather Around a Fireplace

Wouldn’t your family benefit by breaking free from technology and spending time around a fireplace? Let’s face it-watching TV together every night doesn’t create lasting family memories. [...]

The Right Style Fireplace Made Just Right for YOU

There’s really nothing like cozying up next to a warm fireplace during a cold winter night surrounded by family and friends. The smell of the fresh burning wood and a cup of hot chocolate in hand [...]

Preparing Your Fireplace for the Winter Burning Season

If you are getting ready for some chilly weather and snuggling up next to the fire, then it is time to get your fireplace all set for the upcoming winter season. Here are a few tips for what you [...]