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Reasons To Get Your Fireplace Serviced This Spring

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Getting your fireplace serviced should be done annually but do you know when the best time of year is to get your fireplace service completed? Believe it or not, the best time for fireplace service is at the end of the season, not the beginning.

Listed below are some of the most important reasons to consider a serviced fireplace this spring season:

Take the Preventative Measures

The possibility of damage occurring to your flue can happen at any moment, even once it’s not in use if temperatures change drastically enough. A fireplace service with camera scan shows us if there are any safety concerns in your flue. Potential things that can be discovered during a fireplace service appointment include glazed creosote, cracks and open mortar joints in your flue. Glazed creosote is a form of buildup that cannot be removed with a conventional brushing. Several chimney fires occur as a result of the glazed creosote buildup ignites within the flue. Cracks and open mortar joints in your flue permit heat, gasses and buildup to enter areas not designed to handle that sort of abuse. These defects have the potential to be a fire hazard. Receiving an inspection in the Spring ensures you understand the state of your fireplace flue prior to when you need it. If your camera scan uncovers any of the above defects it’s better to know sooner than later because then you have the ability to prepare yourself and remain in control every step of the way throughout the season.

Save Money

If left unchecked, soot can obliterate your fireplace and result in thousands of dollars in repairs. This occurs when soot from a wood fire mixes with moisture and becomes acidic. Those acids can slowly eat away at your fireplace. When soot is left to sit most of the year it can speed up corrosion to damper frames, steel fireboxes and even eat away at mortar and masonry. Any cracks, open mortar joints or rotted fireboxes can result in a failure of the fireplace inspection. These issues could potentially lead to more issues such as fire hazards. In some cases issues can even allow water to penetrate into your home. Help lengthen the time between necessary repairs and service your fireplace in the spring.


Availability & Convenience

Many fireplace installs are part of full renovations of rooms or entire homes. With all those overlapping contractors it can get a little chaotic. When you start your projects earlier within the year you ensure that any adjustments to plans are smooth. With additional time you can guarantee nothing stops you from having a beautiful fire for the holidays. In fact, the same holds true for other services we offer at United Brick & Fireplace.  If you are able to, try booking your air conditioning install in the winter and your heating in the summer. That way everything is ready before you need it and there will not be a rush.

Improve Air Quality and Health

As far as improving your air quality and overall help, keep in mind: if you can smell it that means you’re breathing it. If you smell it throughout the season that’s fine, however all year long can become an issue. Soot can be carcinogenic with prolonged exposure, and can be harmful to individuals who suffer from asthma. Servicing your fireplace in the spring can reduce your exposure greatly, and facilitate your breathing easier in the off season. It also can have a strong odor that can sink into your clothing along with creating odors that will stay with you even when you leave your home. When you are done using the fireplace, make sure to clean out that odor that causes the soot right away.

With health, safety, comfort and convenience in mind, it really makes the most sense to service your fireplace in the Spring. We hope this helps you better care for your home with proactive planning and stress saving techniques. Our goal is to help you feel cool and calm, safe and cozy in every way we can.


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