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Preparing Your Fireplace for the Winter Burning Season

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If you are getting ready for some chilly weather and snuggling up next to the fire, then it is time to get your fireplace all set for the upcoming winter season.

Here are a few tips for what you can do to get prepared if you have a gas, wood-burning, or gas log fireplace. These preparations may vary depending on the type of fireplace you have, but we will provide to you a few steps to take to ensure your comfort and safety.

Gas Fireplace (direct vent or insert)

The time is quickly approaching to turn on the fireplace and cozy up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa in hand. We want you to enjoy the amenities of having a gas fireplace but want you to be informed on the best ways to keep it clean and running smoothly.

Follow these basic steps before the winter season quickly approaches:

  • Look over your owner’s manual – click here for Napoleon, Regency, or Mendota manuals
  • Check to make sure the outdoor vent is clear
  • Make sure the logs & rocks are clean
  • Dust the blower fan
  • Evaluate your pilot light

These tips can assist you in the maintaining a clean fireplace yourself, and can sometimes expose anything unusual that could require a fireplace professional to address. You can always reach out to a fireplace service tech to evaluate your fireplace and remedy any concerns before they worsen.

Wood Burning Fireplace

The most important thing to remember if you have a wood fireplace in your home is to clean your fireplace box and flue. A flue is essentially an opening in a chimney that shifts exhaust gases outside directly from the fireplace. If this is properly cleared and cleaned, it will help avoid an early-season chimney fire.

Below are some easy DIY tips and tricks on how to maintain a safe and enjoyable wood fireplace:

  • Make sure the chimney cap is clear, properly fastened, and that any critters haven’t moved in over the summer
  • Remove excess ashes from last season’s fires
  • Test flue dampers and make sure flue is open when burning
  • Stock up on wood for the season

These pointers are important to do as a homeowner, however, to get the safest and best clean for your wood fireplace, it is crucial to have it serviced by a professional chimney cleaner. They will inform you of any concerns and make sure you have best heating season experience.

Gas Log Fireplace

If you have a fireplace with a gas log, there are few best practices to consider as we enter winter. Here are some safety tips to follow before starting your first fire of the year:

  • Check the pilot light
  • Make sure all vents are not blocked off
  • Avoid burning any paper, wood, or even marshmallows in your gas fireplace
  • Schedule routine servicing and testing by a licensed gas fitter

Hopefully this tips can help you prepare for setting up your fireplace for the season change. Sometimes you may think your fireplace is clean and ready to be lit, but consider utilizing a few of these steps to help you understand exactly how your fireplace must operate correctly while taking the proper precautions to remain healthy and safe.

The winter season is quickly approaching, and we want you to be ready and stay warm. Remember, if you’re at all uncomfortable with this process, schedule a professional fireplace inspection.


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