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Top Products from Jeremy Goodwin

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Meet Jeremy with United Brick and Fireplace. Jeremy has been with United Brick and Fireplace full-time since 2000. Jeremy is extremely passionate about the fireplace industry and he represents our area as part of the North Central Hearth Patio BBQ Association (NCHPBA) Board and Government Affairs Committee. Jeremy specializes in commercial projects and new home building side of the company, but always enjoys working with retail and replacement customers in reaching their inspiration goals.

Along with Jeremy being a serious fireplace enthusiast, he lives what he preaches as part of the culture of wood-burning fireplaces, including clearing his land of fallen trees to prepare for the upcoming seasons. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog. Jeremy’s other hobbies including, golfing, hiking and cooking on his BREEO Wood Fire Pit Grill.


#1: Mendota

I love anything from the Mendota brand:  Mendota fireplaces really set the bar for fireplaces; their finishes are great, log sets are impressive, and, most of all, their burn is the most realistic in the industry. Every fireplace is backed by the best warranty AND they are made right here in the Midwest! And just like Mendota is a part of Madison, a Mendota belongs in your home.

Mendota Fullview 36

#2: Napoleon Vector and Elevation Series

Napoleon Products is taking the steps to drive the industry forward by introducing new technology through design. It seems like other hearth manufactures are constantly chasing their lead right now. The flexibility and impressive installation options are providing amazing in-home centerpieces that have endless results.

Napleon Vector 50 with Cool Wall

Product Links:
Vector Series from Napoleon
Elevation Series from Napoleon

#3: Real Wisconsin Stone

I really enjoy selling Real Stone, especially anything quarried in Wisconsin. I really enjoy what Halquist Stone can bring to the table, and when I say table check out the engraved slab table in our East side showroom. The slab its on, the feeling of it, its amazing.  Not only that but Halquist has multiple quarries and more colors than any quarry in Wisconsin, all run by the original family that started the business. FDL Stone has really stepped it up in the last 2 years bring out their special blends making true Wisconsin timeless stone statements for new homes and commercial spaces.

Halquist Kensington Bluff Select Stone

Fond du Lac Stone 60/40 Blend

#4: Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Any wood-burning fireplace from RSF or Pacific Energy is a winner in my book. RSF has been around forever, and they make the best chimney in the world. Just ask me, and I’ll tell you with passion why a chimney is so important. The Opel is the number one work horse in the industry. Pacific Energy gives us more options and is more than just a stove, it’s a lifestyle! I am a real fan of their Super Classic With the new Red or Desert color.

RSF Opel 3

#5: Wood Firepits from BREEO

Wood fire pits have come along way in the recent past. Outdoor fires have been a hallmark of outdoor living for decades, but they weren’t really designed for multi-use spaces. Innovators like BREEO have introduced multi-dimensional products that include nearly smoke free design with integrated cooking surfaces. Since I started to use mine to cook, and enjoy great stories with my neighbors during the COVID shutdown, its become an indispensable part of my outdoor space. Very little smoke, amazing food, and best of all made in the USA.

BREEO X24 in my backyard after a great cookoff

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